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The Galli Group

30 years of expertise

The Galli Group is a worldwide umbrella  organization founded by philosopher, actor and playwright Johannes Galli. The theaters and training facilities in nine countries are operated independently.

The Galli Mission

Celebrating Childhood
The Galli Theater communicates important social issues through modern adaptations of fairy tales from around the world. The plays highlight their symbols and help to illuminate wisdom that is highly relevant in today’s society. They awaken a sense of liveliness in audiences and actors alike that can help reveal the genuine person and his inner vision and power, thus celebrating childhood. Galli achieves this mission through its mainstage productions, educational programs and itsDr. Fairytale Program.

Galli Theater NY

The Galli Theater reaches around 24,000 people per year through their productions and 4,500 students in workshops and classes. Galli Theater is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization. Please email for a copy of the previous years IRS tax forms.

Plays and Productions

The Galli Theater produces per year 10 – 14 modern and innovative adaptations of fairy tales from around the world that entertain and teach valuable life lessons. Galli’s unique style is that all shows are very interactive and with lots of improv elements. Currently, plays are performed in English, French, and German.

Training and Coaching

Classes, workshops and camps are offered year-round for children. They help participants gain self-confidence, overcome barriers, learn new languages and cultures, improve acting skills, and increase health and wellness. Scholarships are given upon application.

Dr. Fairytale

Through its Dr. Fairytale program, Galli Theater presents plays and stories to seriously ill children in hospitals and supports organizations who work with emotionally challenged children around the world.

Board of Directors:


  • Vice President: Dr. Carl Krapp
  • Treasurer: Kathrin Nagle (Founder GSB)
  • Secretarty: Barbara Remus PhD.
  • Carola Eilers
  • Issayas Tesfai (Corcoran Group)
  • Gabi Hegan (Founder of CityKinder)


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