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Workshops for Adults – Online and in person

Workshop for Adults

GAME – The Galli Method® was created 30 years ago by the trainer, writer, director and actor Johannes Galli, and was used in coaching sessions all over the world. We aim to teach you flexibility, high motivation, clear vision, persuasive body language, dynamic speech, optimal presentation and effective communication.

The Galli Method® resurrects worn-out processes, breaks through hardened structures, dissolves then, and presents surprising alternatives for seemingly unsolvable conflicts. In short, the Galli Method brings them to life.

It might sound like a paradox, but it is true:

In acting, the genuine person appears.

We look forward to meeting you!

Bodylanguage – as a key to success.
Learn how to present yourself.
To be conscious about our own body language is the key to increase our presentation skills as well as our skills in communication using imaginary language.

Practicing self-awareness will increase your personal presence. Through spontaneous acting scenes of different situation in your private- as well as job life we will be able to improve your communication skills.

The key to the human imagination and affection

“To play” is the magical word for the “Cellar Kids” (Kellerkinder). With this word we help these unbelievably powerful forces, that are hidden in all of us, to come to the surface that have been banished into our personal basements (“Kellers”).  As a guard for our creativity, intuition, power, inspiration and joy for life the “Cellar Kids” (Kellerkinder) are waiting to become incorporated into our daily life.

Die Sieben Kellerkinder®  (The Seven Cellar Kids) are one of the key elements of The Galli Method ® .

The goal of this workshop is to learn how to tell stories in a lively, convincing and captivating manner. As a training material we will use fairytales, poems as well as personal stories and presentations.

Barbara Remus Ph.D

Managing Director of the Galli Theater New York, Actor and Teaching Artist…

·       helps you to discover your inner artist
·       helps you to solve conflicts in your life
·       helps you to communicate more lively and effectively
·       improves your own presence and presentation
·       will help you to become more successful in life

·       will improve your self esteem and confidence
·       will help you to become more successful in life


All trainers are actors and are certified through the Galli Method®

Creativity Unlimited

You will become:

  • more creative
  • more flexible
  • more joyful

in your job and private life!

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