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Birthday Parties

Experience the magic of live theater for your special event!

Your child loves the theater and would love to be on stage?
Are they dreaming of a birthday party their friends will rave about for years to come? Allow your child to experience the most amazing theater party in town!

All parties are suitable for girls and boys!


  • Choose your favorite fairytale from our repertoire for your private Galli Theater Fairytale Party for your child and his/her friends. All shows at Galli Theater are interactive! Kids get to join the actors on stage and are asked to give the characters hints as to what to do in crucial moments.
  • Complete the show with the characters singing Happy Birthday and take pictures with your favorite fairy tale characters.

This party is an extravaganza version of “A Show & A Party”. The children experience a theater extravaganza they will never forget.
This package includes:
• One of Galli’s favorite fairytale shows

• Exclusive meet and greet with the actors for the birthday child before the show • Talent Show with awards presentation!
• Extravaganza balloons and party decorations all in your child’s favorite colors • A fairytale-themed welcome present and party favors for each child

• An exclusively decorated birthday cake for the kids AND family

Your birthday child and his/her friends get to star in their own fairytale production! The kids take part in a theater workshop during which they perform in their fairytale based show. Our teaching artists prepare the children to bring their magical show to life complete with dressing up for a performance for parents and guests.

A private Galli Theater Storyacting performance with one Galli actor interpreting your favorite fairytale from our repertoire and integrating children in the show. A truly interactive experience for children!




With our extensive experience performing in schools and hospitals the Galli actors are masters of the traveling theater. We come to your home and bring live theater magic to your living room. Get in touch and we’ll figure out the perfect program to enchant your kids!

Book your own private theater show and dance with the actors afterwards. Each child gets a cupcake and a ballon to go.

“Amazing! Thank you Galli theatre for making it such an awesome party and giving us wonderful memories, we will all remember for years to come. Your marvelous skill at improvising brought smiles of awe and out loud laughter to both young and old. Your welcoming and helpful attitude took all the stress out of throwing a party. From helping me set up the food for the grown ups to granting each party favor to our guests by a snow queen… You have truly mastered the art of a magical and memorable party. The smiles and giggles of the little ones will warm my heart for a very long time. You far exceeded my expectations. Through your task you bring out the best of what childhood is all about. I cannot thank you enough… You guys are so talented and wonderful- it was the best party ever!” – Johanna Heinert-Kennedy

“We have attended many shows, birthday parties, and even a winter-break half day camp, in addition to having our own share of celebrations at Galli Theater and always had a great time. Moreover, I was always pleasantly surprised by the high level of performances, kindness, and positive attitude that the staff and all actresses and actors have repeatedly demonstrated. In addition, the shows are always original adaptations of famous stories and interactive so my kids LOVE them.” – Nissan Geslevich Packin

“We celebrated my son’s 4th and 5th birthday at the Galli Theater and everyone (22 children) had a great time. Both times it was such an easy process and the kids enjoyed the plays very much. The children kept talking about it for weeks. My son also participates in an afterschool theater class by Galli and loves it very much. The team has a great way to engage the children’s imagination, and they make them comfortable with performing in front of an audience. Highly recommend them for both, birthday parties and classes.” – Anja Sharma

“Today the Galli Theater threw the most amazing birthday party for our daughter, her friends and families! From the moment of setup it was the easiest and most relaxed party I have ever been a part of hosting. First the entertainment – the Cinderella play was awesome and engaging for kids as well as adults (great music, dancing and dialogue). I think many parents laughed as hard if not harder than many of the kids. All the kids who wanted to got to participate on stage, “helping” Cinderella and also dancing, and in between simplyshouting out to their favorite actors or actresses many times. Afterwards, the performers remained in character to help with the pizza party, serving the kids while in costume, from the pizza to the cake, and singing happy birthday to the special girl twice. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. We highly recommend this for a young child’s birthday and we’ll definitely be back this fall and spring for more shows (in English and German). Thank you again!” – Andrea Lamberti

“We celebrated my daughter’s 4th birthday at the Galli Theater. It was such a wonderful party. We had a large party, and they were able to accommodate all of us. The actors put on such a fun show, and they were amazing with the kids. I would highly recommend the Galli Theater for a birthday party, weekend activities, or one of their programs!” – Sheara Braun

“Just had our 4-year olds birthday party at Galli and we loved it! So did the other parents. Great way to introduce your kids to the stage and to theater! The Galli team is amazing with kids and incorporates their audience and audience’s response.” – Petra Hoebel

“This is the second birthday party that my son has had at Galli Theater and it is by far his favorite place to celebrate. For parents it is a super easy party as Barbara takes care of the pizza, cake and goody bags! The new location in Tribeca is perfect because it accommodates lots of friends so we can invite everyone, unlike many of the other party spots that are constrained by space. We watched Rapunzel this time and the kids were very engaged by the actors. The birthday boy and his friends all had a fabulous time together and created wonderful memories that made a huge impression on them. The show sparked their creativity as they now enjoy acting in the school yard together and my son comes home with wonderful stories every day.” – Kimberly Schwartz

“Had my kid’s 3rd bday party – “a show and a party” package, which included a private interactive show for us, followed by pizza & cake.
They were very helpful from beginning to the end. Answered all my questions promptly, gave me recommendations without being pushy. Booking and planning were easy, I really had not much to do beforehand. On the day of the party, they were very attentive – again, I didn’t need to do anything logistical and was able to focus on greeting the guests and enjoying the party.
The show they recommended for our age group (mostly almost-3 yr-olds, ranged from 1 to 5, plus parents) was Cinderella. It was as enjoyable for the grown-ups as for the kids. Many of the kids had never been to a theater before and some got a bit scared/confused when the house light first went out, but the interactive nature of the show made it easy for the kids to get into it. They make it quite fun and accessible.
After the show, they served pizza and then had a delicious customized cake for us. The whole time, the actors were around, interacting with the kids… totally blew their minds to talk to the characters 😀
All in all, it was so memorable. Planning was so easy and smooth, people were so helpful and attentive – as someone who usually obsesses and stresses over event planning, I was lost… everything was done well, nothing went wrong, so I was left with no choice but to sit back, relax, and enjoy! ”                 – Gina Lee

All Galli Birthday Parties include:

• Performance/Workshop
• Exclusive use of the theater space for 2 hours (Theater & Partyroom) • Decorations (includes one balloon per child)
• Fully staffed and supervised party set up and clean up
• All utensils, napkins, plates and cups for the children
• Water for adults
• Pizza and juice for children (kosher available)
• Personalized birthday cake (kosher available)

*please find additional details about the Extravaganza Party in the description above

General Information:

• All parties at the Galli Theater last 2 hour. (Except the Exclusive Theater Show is 1 hour).
• Duration of performances at home depend on the arrangements made (1 – 1.5 hours).
• The theater seats max. 90 people.
• Each additional child is $30.
• Birthday child is free.
• Bring your own food and beverages and deduct $50 or $100 from the party package.
• 50% deposit due booking. Balance due at the conclusion of the party.

Time Slots & Location:

• Saturdays and Sundays at 11am – 1pm and 3:30pm – 5:30pm
• Weekday parties by appointment
• Location: 72-74 Warren Street – Tribeca. Inside the GSM

Optional Add-Ons:

• Food and additional soft-drinks for adults
• Extra Balloons ($1.50/pc.)
• Goodie bags: $7 (feather mask, toy, free child ticket, pencil, eraser, stickers, tattoos, candy, stamps, bubbles)
• Personalized birthday cake (kosher available)

Download our Party Package!

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