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“My daughter has attended many Theater summer camps and workshops with Galli Theater in German from the age of 3 onwards. She loves working with this group especially Simon, who is such a talented actor himself and is very patient and loving with the kids. Their latest theatre piece was Little Red Riding Hood in German “Rotkäppchen”. We brought the CD home and now my 1.5 year old and my 5 year old sing and dance to it every day. Great times, great memories and great lessons. Keep up the good work Galli Team! We love you!” – Shabnam Rezaei

“Galli’s after school and summer camps are absolutely amazing. Our daughter did it several times and loved it every time. The plays by the group are also always worth a visit. For kids and adults!” – Joachim Trautmann

“Our daughter is partizipating in the after school program and in spring/summer camps for more than 3 years and she always has a great time. We appreciate the passion the staff takes putting a show together at the end of a semester or at the end of a camp. ” – Florian Greiner

Start Sun 16. Oct, 10:00 AM
End Sun 16. Oct, 1:00 PM
Location Galli Theater New York
Costs $75

Teaching Artist Barbara Remus
Jose Vargas

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