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Beauty and the Beast


Fairytale Theater for the whole family

A play by Johannes Galli, inspired by the original French fairytale. 

Lost in the woods, a wealthy salesman stumbles upon an enchanted castle inhabited by a once handsome prince now cursed to take the form of a beast. The beast allows the man to enter his castle. Desiring to fulfill his youngest daughter’s wish, the salesman steals a rose out of the royal garden but is caught by the beast. As a punishment, the beast demands the salesman to stay as his prisoner forever.
With the hope of saving her father, the beautiful Bella offers to take her father’s place. She quickly discovers that the beast is carrying a secret. Will the power of love guide her to break this brutal curse placed on this once handsome prince?
Date Sat, Nov 23
Location Galli Theater New York
Opening 1:40pm
Start 2:00 PM
Duration 45 minutes
Prices Adults $25/ Kids $20
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