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A play for adults: How should a woman act?
Become a great actress and take over the stages in this world!
This is the dream of Josephine, the char­ac­ter in this play, who tries to become an actress by study­ing dra­ma at home. She soon dis­cov­ers how many roles women have to mas­ter nowa­days, not only on stage but in dai­ly life.
A night filled with humor, fun, crazi­ness, sad­ness and guar­an­teed self-reflec­tion, as Josephine tries to answer the ques­tion: Who actu­al­ly am I ?

The play Bel­ladon­na by Johannes Gal­li is based on the fairy­tale Rumpel­stilt­skin, and gives an answer to the ques­tion: How can a miller’s daugh­ter become a queen?

Cur­rent­ly no shows avail­able. Please check in anoth­er time. 
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