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Eve and Lilith

A play for adults: When the wife meets the mistress

When Eva con­fronts her husband’s lover Lil­ian, all HELL breaks loose.  Based on the Mythol­o­gy of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, this play takes you on a ride where oppo­sites face their inner demons and ulti­mate­ly dis­cov­er the pow­er of unity.

Please join us for a night filled with dra­ma, guilt, seduc­tion and laughter.

The back­ground for this play Lilith is an ancient Samar­i­tan god­dess, who was accept­ed into Hebrew mythol­o­gy. In a Hebrew leg­end from 1000AD, Lilith appears as „Adam’s first wife“. It is writ­ten: When God cre­at­ed Adam, he said, „It is not good for man to be alone.“ So, he cre­at­ed out of dirt a part­ner for him and called her Lilith. As soon as she was cre­at­ed, she start­ed an argu­ment, say­ing, „Why should I lay on the bot­tom? I am just as good as you are. We were both cre­at­ed from the same dirt.“ So Lilith was banned to the dark side of the moon and god cre­at­ed Eve from Adam’s rib. 

Cur­rent­ly no shows avail­able. Please check in anoth­er time. 
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