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Eve & Lilith

When Eva confronts her husband’s lover Lilian, all HELL breaks loose. Based on the Mythology of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, this play takes you on a ride where opposites face their inner demons and ultimately discover the power of unity.
Please join us for a night filled with drama, guilt, seduction and laughter.

The background for this play Lilith is an ancient Samaritan goddess, who was accepted into Hebrew mythology. In a Hebrew legend from 1000AD, Lilith appears as „Adam’s first wife“. It is written: When God created Adam, he said, „It is not good for man to be alone.“ So, he created out of dirt a partner for him and called her Lilith. As soon as she was created, she started an argument, saying, „Why should I lay on the bottom? I am just as good as you are. We were both created from the same dirt.“ So Lilith was banned to the dark side of the moon and god created Eve from Adam’s rib. 

Date Wed, Feb 07
Location Galli Theater New York
Opening 7:15pm
Start 7:30 PM
Duration 70 minutes
Prices Galli lovers $30,adults $20
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