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Improv workshop – for adults

Discover and train your creativity, spontaneity, concentration, empathy and your capability to teamwork, as well as your presence and joy to play and act!

What exactly will happen?: During a warmup phase we will train our physical expression, our voice and our imagination. We will also act out small scenes in groups of two.

After a small introduction into the rules of improvisation theater, we will take over the stage! There will be a different topic every week to which groups of 2 will start to improvise short scenes. The participants will thus experience a number of fascinating stories that evolve through spontaneity and are accompanied with a high level of creative energy.


Are you in the mood, to free your mind?
Are you in the mood, to try out different roles/caracters?
Are you in the mood, to leave your comfort zone of your daily life?

Then you are at the right place and are welcome to simply join us and play along!

There is absolutely no training in acting required for this fun workshop.

People in all ages, with different backgrounds and jobs, will come together, as they have fun to act!

An ideal training for everyone that would like to increase their role repertoire and would like to train in role shifts.

Please wear some comfortable clothes and bring some indoor shoes if needed as we do not enter the stage with outdoor shoes.

Start Sun 17. Dec, 4:00 PM
End Sun 17. Dec, 6:00 PM
Location Galli Theater New York
Costs $60

Teaching Artist

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