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Premiere of: Cinderella

The­ater for the entire Family

Cin­derel­la is joined by a new step­moth­er and step­sis­ters. But they turn out not to be as nice as she had hoped. When the Prince invites every­one to the ball, they tell her she has to stay home and clean, clean clean. W she makes it to the cas­tle and dances until the clock strikes mid­night. Cin­derel­la could live hap­pi­ly ever after if a cer­tain sil­ver slip­per fits her foot.

Cur­rent­ly no shows avail­able. Please check in anoth­er time. 
Music by Michael Summ 

Date Sat, Mar 07 
Loca­tion Gal­li The­ater New York
Open­ing 1:30pm
Start 2:00 PM 
Dura­tion 45min
Prices $15 / $20
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