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The Brave Little Tailor

The brave little tailor kills seven flies with one blow. The little tailor is amazed at his heroic deed and wants the whole world to hear of it. He sews a belt that reads: “7 at one stroke”. The hero in this story is armed with whit, cunning and a sense of humour. He conquers all before him, including giants, a unicorn, and a princess.

Theater by Johannes Galli

Our fairytales are:

  • Interactive
  • Great for children AND adults
  • Funny
  • Original
  • Always deliver a message

Suitable for: Birthday Parties, School Shows, Travel Performances, Festivals, Events, Street Events, Block Parties
Age range: For children 4 and up
Cast: 3 Performers / 1 Sound Person
Requirements: iPod compatible sound system. Stage is preferable, but not necessary
Costs:  Upon Request

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