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The Shadow Hour

The “Shad­ow Hour” shows the dra­mat­ic fall and decay of a young man drug users and his salvation.

The young man wants his own cre­ativ­i­ty unfold, but of his own, spon­ta­neous and cre­ative expres­sion is pre­vent­ed by his envi­ron­ment. So a vicious cycle begins with the first con­tact of mar­i­jua­na, sub­se­quent­ly his first binge drink­ing to con­sump­tion of metham­phet­a­mine drug “crys­tal meth”, which leads to his downfall.

He is giv­en a sec­ond chance, but this is sub­ject to a con­di­tion. The young man can only be redeemed from the influ­ence of drugs when he finds at least one per­son per per­for­mance promis­es him to pur­sue their own talents.

The­ater­stück von Johannes Gal­li

Our edu­ca­tion­al shows are:

  • Inter­ac­tive
  • Pro­vok­ing
  • Touch­ing
  • Orig­i­nal
  • Always deliv­er a message

Suit­able for: School Shows, Teacher Events,
Age range: For stu­dents 14 and up.
Cast:  1 Per­former / 1 Sound Person
Require­ments: iPod com­pat­i­ble sound sys­tem. Stage is prefer­able, but not necessary
Costs:  Upon Request

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